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Support the Foundation

The Kappa Foundation of Prince George’s County is a 501 (c)(3) charity operated by all volunteers, and we have no paid employees or board members. Ninety percent (90) of donations received go to youth development, scholarships, community outreach or programs stipulated by the donor. Ten percent is used to offset operational expenses.  If no fund is stipulated, the donation goes into our general fund.


With your support, we will increase scholarship awards and expand programs that enrich the lives and experiences of young people and residents most in need. Your generous donation and/or contribution is much appreciated. Thanks for your support.


Together, we will continue to make a difference!

Mail in Donations to: 

Kappa Foundation of Prince George's County, Inc.

10201 Martin L King, Jr. Hwy, Suite 240B-I

Bowie, MD 20720

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