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Kappa Development League Conference

The KAPPA FOUNDATION OF PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, INC. (KFPGC) provided funding to support the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Eastern Province Tournament of Champions Kappa Development League Conference, hosted virtually by Norfolk (VA) Alumni Chapter and Norfolk State University.
The Tournament of Champions was conducted in a competitive tournament/gameshow concept utilizing virtual classrooms on the “ZOOM” platform. Several chapters in the Eastern Province facilitated interactive cognitive learning modeled around the 7 Developmental phases of the Kappa Youth Leadership & Development League (Kappa League) curriculum. These phases are Self-Identity, Training for Leadership, Competition, Social, Health Education, Economic Empowerment & Education, and College & Career.
The Hyattsville/Landover (MD) Alumni Chapter ( facilitated the competition for Phase 5 Health Education by focusing on Health and Body Wellness. In partnership with the Hyattsville/Landover (MD) Alumni Chapter, the KFPGC contracted with the Khepera Wellness Yoga Studio ( to provide seven Yoga Instructors who conducted yoga sessions for 187 Kappa Leaguers from Bermuda, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. More than half were from Maryland with 47 residing in Prince Georges County. These high school age students were exposed to techniques of controlling the body and the mind through a spirited competition of Simon Says. In a survey taken at the end of the tournament, several participants singled out the yoga competition and their intent to continue to practice yoga.

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